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by Gillian
on June 23, 2015

Like it or not, summer is already here. So all those big plans you made for when the snow finally started to melt are ready for action, right?

Well, whether or not you dropped those 5 pounds that were bugging you or hand crocheted new patio furniture, the sun is shining and it's time to enjoy it.

But before you hang your Gone Fishin' sign and stop checking your email, why not use that summertime momentum to give your inbound marketing strategies their own summer refresh?

Hit the Gym


If you're headed to the beach this summer, you might find yourself tempted to amp up your normal workout routine. You can do this for your inbound marketing strategies, too. Remember that you don't have to write content from scratch to keep things fresh. Instead, why not do some revisions or an update on one of your most popular posts. People are still finding it with search engines and if you beef it up a little bit with some fresh info, it will keep generating traffic for you while you catch a few rays.

Fake 'n Bake

Even though we know the dangers of a fresh summer sun tan, there is nothing quite like that bronzed beauty. A fake tan can get you the same look without the danger. And even though we crave great copy, we also know that looking great on the outside is an important inbound marketing strategy, too. So take a minute out of your busy spray tan schedule to spruce up an email template or put a fresh coat of paint on your CTAs. It won't hurt a bit.

Learn from the Lemonade Stand


Whether you're supervising a stand in your own front yard or just reminiscing about your own summer entrepreneurship, there's something quintessentially summer about a lemonade stand. So what inbound marketing tips can you take from those pigtailed girls on the corner? How about connecting with your local market. Even if your company sells all over the country - or the world - it is always good to have your neighbors on your side. Consider volunteering at local charity events (or even better, sponsoring one), connecting with other business leaders in your area, and generating a positive reputation on and offline in your neighborhood. You never know when local connections can come in handy. At ManoByte, we love being part of the Grand Rapids HubSpot User Group and otherwise engaging with fellow marketers in the area.

Take a Break


The beauty of inbound marketing is that even when you're not actively pumping out new content, the right strategies will work for you. Some experts even suggest that employees get their best ideas when they aren't at the office. So your summer doesn't have to be all about work work work. Spend a weekend at the beach or even in your backyard and let yourself recharge. You'll probably come back fresh with lots of new inbound ideas.

While you might not get to take three months off for sleeping late and lazing by the pool, we think it is possible to enjoy your summer while still staying on top of your inbound game.

Stay cool :)

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