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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on May 15, 2013

Even if you have a fantastic website and good social media presence, if your overall marketing strategy still uses manual updates, paper calendars, sticky notes and lots of meetings between sales and marketing, it’s time to consider a marketing automation system. An automated system uses web-based services to integrate inbound marketing technology, customer relationship management, and traditional marketing techniques such as telemarketing.

An Example and Some Benefits

For example, after using inbound marketing technology to ensure potential customers land on the right page, an automated system can provide forms to collect data, track appropriate customer engagement and measure conversion rates, among other things. Your marketing and sales process is integrated from identifying potential customers and initial communication, through negotiation and final delivery. In addition, you can target potential customers with campaigns that meet their individual needs, instead of blasting the same email message to everyone in your database.

Automating Your Marketing Strategy

According to the Business Marketing Association, here are some things to consider as you implement a marketing automation solution:

  1. Ensure your marketing database is up to speed and segment your customers if needed. Also, ensure you have fresh content appropriate for a variety of customers.
  2. Develop the processes you will need to enable automation and ensure you have trained the people who will be using those processes. Consider how you will integrate your marketing and sales processes, to include determining appropriate handoffs from marketing to sales.
  3. Don’t forget the basics such as calls to action and follow-up phone calls that provide a human touch. Automation can’t do everything for you.
  4. Be prepared to overhaul your website so you can take advantage of everything automation has to offer.

Add here is the bonus! HubSpot is an awesome marketing automation platform. If you want to see it in action drop us a line.