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Emily Neier
by Emily Neier
on October 22, 2018

Considering there's 8 million daily users from 500,000 organizations, your company might already be using Slack. Beyond chat and group messaging capabilities, Slack has integrations with over 1,500 applications and platforms that make it a powerful multi-tasking tool—the Swiss Army Knife of business applications. Search for internal data like contacts, get quick answers to questions about your competitors, share files, and get notified for just about everything from the other platforms you’re already using without having to leave Slack.

If you’re looking to use Slack more effectively with your marketing team, below are a few integrations to get you started.

Google Drive

Anyone with Google Drive and Slack should have the two integrated. Not only does the integration make sharing files within Slack easier, users can get notified of changes and comments on a document and reply to comments from within Slack. Additionally, users can receive notifications to grant others access to Google Drive files from Slack. On the Google Drive side, you can search within Drive for files that were shared via Slack.

Ever have that feeling when you walk into a room that you know there’s a reason you came in there but you cannot remember why? Have you ever opened Google Docs and done the same thing? With the Slack and Google Drive together, you can create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets from within Slack and share immediately with team members who are involved.


How many times have you been in a conversation and someone says, “I’m not sure; we should look that up.” and someone takes out a smartphone to google the answer? GrowthBot, created by HubSpot founder and CTO, Dharmesh Shah, is the quick question answerer. GrowthBot connects to platforms like your HubSpot CRM and Google Analytics and allows you to ask questions about your own company’s analytics within Slack.

For example, you could ask GrowthBot (either @growthbot or /growthbot in Slack), “How many website visitors did we have last week?” and GrowthBot can pull the data out for you in Slack. No extra time spent digging through analytics means the conversation can keep going.

You can also use GrowthBot to research leads, clients, and your competitors. Ask what search terms your competitors’ websites rank for or use the contact information from a lead to learn more about them.

Or you can ask GrowthBot to show you a funny cartoon if you’re looking for a quick laugh!


Statsbot also links to your database, Google Analytics, or Mixpanel and allows you to pull that data into Slack. Statsbot can be prompted for information just like GrowthBot by asking @statsbot. This integration will get a little more in depth, showing you comparative charts or graphs. So if you asked Statsbot about your website visits last week, it could also show you a graph of your website’s traffic over the last month, and if traffic was up or down from the week before last.

You can also set up Slack notifications with Statsbot for certain metrics you want to keep any eye on. If your company offers software subscriptions, for example, you could set Statsbot up to notify you in Slack if your number of subscribers suddenly drops or increases dramatically.

HubSpot + Slack

Connecting HubSpot and Slack gives your team the ability to find and share your HubSpot data within Slack. You can search for contacts, companies, tasks, tickets, or knowledge base items in Slack as well as create tasks or tickets and assign them. Remember that room you walked into and don’t remember why? Integrating HubSpot with Slack cuts down on time spent switching between applications, and if you’re not switching between applications to accomplish a task (or walking from room to room), you can keep the conversation or project moving forward.

HubSpot’s Conversations feature integrates with Slack to allow you to set up a channel for live chat on your organization’s website. You can get notified via Slack when a chat message comes in, and you can respond to it right from Slack—or go to the HubSpot Inbox from Slack. And live chat through Slack is still recorded in HubSpot.

Slack’s API

If you’re not finding something that suits your needs among Slack’s App Directory, you can build your own bot, application, or integration with Slack’s API. You can also submit your custom creation to the App Directory, where you can make lives a little easier for Slack’s 8 million other daily users.

Need a refresher on APIs? Read this blog post here.

When there’s so many platforms and online services we’re using, there’s no reason they can’t work together. Those things exist to make our lives easier, right? Slack integrations make that dream a reality.


If you’re interested in how you can grow your business with HubSpot, schedule a free growth consultation with ManoByte below!


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