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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on June 2, 2013

We’ve all searched Facebook for a popular celebrity or business. But when you get 12 profile matches all claiming to be that celebrity or business, how can you tell which profile is real?

Enter Facebook verified accounts. Facebook verified accounts are designed to help users identify authentic users. When a user sees a blue check mark on a profile page, he or she will know that is the real profile page for that person or business.

Facebook has made this feature available to a select group of users with a large following: celebrities, journalists, government officials, and popular brands and businesses. A small, blue check mark appears next to their name in their profile. If you roll over it with your mouse, a small grey information box pops up telling you it is a verified page.

This feature will be particularly useful for journalists and businesses that have come to rely on Facebook as a platform to connect with followers and customers. The feature is similar to Twitter’s verification system. Like Twitter, at this time, users cannot request verification by Facebook. Facebook has a page in its help section about verified accounts and has issued a public announcement introducing verified accounts, http://newsroom.fb.com/News/619/Verified-Pages-and-Profiles. They remain, however, fairly vague about what criteria they will use in evaluating the legitimacy of accounts. The verified account feature is already live on Facebook.

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