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Allison Spooner
by Allison Spooner
on May 24, 2017

With all this talk about video and the best places to promote it to get the most ROI, somehow, one of the biggest networks for B2B marketers often gets skipped over. Everyone focuses on Facebook and Twitter, with LinkedIn getting left behind. This is surprising given that there are over 350 million users on LinkedIn. And while that’s not as many as Facebook or Twitter, those users are business-savvy professionals looking to make connections and learn about industries rather than look at pictures of puppies or your last vacation.

While LinkedIn is the most important network for B2B Marketers, it is significantly underutilized. But, this is good news for those looking to promote and market their videos to a more specific audience. There's less competition and less noise over on LinkedIn than on Facebook or Twitter - paving the way for you to sneak right in with some carefully-crafted video marketing magic.

In this blog, we will highlight some of the tricks for leveraging video on LinkedIn effectively for business growth and lead generation.


LinkedIn Groups provide those in the same industry a place to get questions answered, find resources and share content. Sharing information in a group means that those that see your post are more likely to benefit from them. But, when posting in a group, don’t just spam it with a random video. Answer a question. Join a discussion. Use your video at the right time to add value and continue a conversation. Or, use it to start a conversation where you can gather valuable feedback and share relevant ideas.

Beef Up Your Profile

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to explain what you do in a unique and engaging way. Use a fun “Who We Are” video in the “About Us” section to tell new visitors about your company, your team, and what you do. You can also add videos in your summary and experience to help your profile stand out from others that are simply text. Putting a face to your company and experience will also humanize your brand and make it more likely that others will feel comfortable reaching out to you.

You can also use video testimonials in the "Experience" section. These will be displayed just under any recommendations, so it’s a great spot to share videos of your customers gushing about their great experience with your brand.

Video Updates

Let your audience know what you’re up to in a fun and engaging way. How many updates have you seen that are just a paragraph of text above a link to a blog post or article? That’s great, but it’s not going to stand out. Tell a story, give a shout out to another company or introduce a new marketing strategy, but do it in a way that will the grab the attention of those scrolling past. This spot gives you a little more freedom than the groups might as you don’t have to follow along with a discussion or stay on topic. This is your page, and you have the freedom to start a conversation, share news or simply introduce your newest video.

As you’re taking to LinkedIn with your latest video masterpiece, remember these tips:

  • Post daily: share links (or video!) in those posts
  • Post in the morning: Business people are early risers!
  • Get ideas: Use the material others are posting for inspiration
  • Don’t copy and post: Don’t share the same content as you do on Facebook or Twitter

If you have a video to share, don’t just turn to the usual suspects. Facebook and Twitter are fun, but LinkedIn attracts the business professionals that can help you grow your business.

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