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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on August 17, 2013

Content Marketing is for Everyone

A common objection that we hear from businesses about the value of content marketing or the value of social media, is that they feel their business just is not that interesting. For instance, they may say our client are all accountants ( no disrespect to accountants) so there is nothing that is really entertaining that would attract our consumers. Will that is just crazy! The first thing to remember when it comes to content marketing or social media marketing is that people are people. It does not matter whether you are a business-to-business organization or a business to consumer organization or even business to government organization. At the end of the day is all about people and everyone is in the people to people business.

Glaceau vitamin water is running a #makeboringbrilliant campaign. This campaign highlights a marketing truism, any company can take what seems to be boring and make it brilliant. When I think of the word brilliant as it relates to any marketing campaign, I do not necessarily think of it as having to be creative, funny, or sexy. To be brilliant is really about being compelling, which can mean a lot of different things for a company and its audience. So what does it take to be brilliant or compelling? It is all about knowing your audience. What is it that is going to motivate your audience to remember you and take the desired actions? Knowing your audience is more than a simple exercise of target market identification. It involves understanding who they are as a person. Do you know where your audience does and their spare time? Do you know what social media channels they engage on not just during working hours but in their off times? Do you know what type of content they look for on a regular basis may not be related to your product or service? Do you know who they look to when making purchase decisions of your products or services?

Is the Glaceau vitamin water #makeboringbrilliant campaign really brilliant? Well, I will say that they are funny. I will also say that they can teach us the lesson that we should never say we are in a boring industry, because we can make anything brilliant. But is a compelling? Will people remember them when running through the convenience store to grab a drink? Will more people go out and buy their water? These are all questions that remain to be seen. These are also similar questions that your organization should ask each time it publishes a piece of content.

So take a moment to watch this video and have a good laugh and let me know what you think.

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