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by Gillian
on October 1, 2014

Content is a key part of any inbound marketing strategy. From YouTube videos to tweets to eBooks to blog posts like this one: it's all content. But the fact is that even though we know how important content is to lead generation and boosting our professional reputation, creating it is barely ever our favorite thing to do.


Which is why you're here.


You've been thinking that maybe you can get away with hiring some outside help for your content. You've been thinking about content outsourcing.


And I think you should go for it.

We All Have Different Strengths

You're probably a great marketer. Or maybe an ideal manager. Or an energetic entrepreneur. But are you a great writer? Maybe. A terrific video producer? Perhaps. It actually doesn't matter because creating an effective team and an efficient inbound marketing strategy is about playing to your strengths and it's quite possible, if you've found your way to this blog post, that creating content just isn't yours. And that's okay. When you outsource content to professional content creators, you're playing to their strengths so that you can focus on yours.

Time is Money

What's that? You ARE a great writer? Good for you. But do you have time to actually sit down and write the volume of content that's going to have a measurable impact on your sales? My guess is not. Time is money and a blog post that might take you a whole day of writing a sentence at a time between meetings just isn't as efficient as letting a professional writer spend an hour or two doing the same thing. And that's not to mention the fact that content outsourcing can also mean outsourcing the monitoring of that content, which is another major time suck.

New Perspectives Are Invaluable

Maybe you've already created content for your company and you've been at it for a while. Your topics may be getting a little stale and repetitive and you might be suffering from content writing burnout. That's perfectly normal (though you should feel free to check out our post on getting excited about content creation if you're feeling stuck). Bringing in a writer or an inbound agency from outside your immediate company can be a terrific way to get a new perspective and new ideas. Just like taking a vacation can reinvigorate your commitment, so can taking a break from creating your own content show you what you've been missing.

Content is Too Important

If you don't have a backup strategy for your content creation, you're putting yourself at risk for not being able to keep up with a schedule that's conducive to results. Even if you only want to dive halfway into content outsourcing and create some content while outsourcing other pieces, you'll be much better off and most likely reduce any stress you have about keeping up with your content schedule.


Content outsourcing isn't for everyone. Brand new companies with small budgets may not have the resources to hire an outside writer (though you may find it surprisingly affordable with a little research). But the fact is that it can do wonders for your inbound marketing and your overall peace of mind.