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by Beth Jackson
on July 2, 2014

Searching has made research a whole lot easier. All you need to do is type a few keywords and choose among the millions or thousands of related results. The fact is that search has expanded. There are so many results, searchers can sometimes become confused and not know which result best fits their needs. An older SEO ranking technique would be to create a website using an EMD (exact match domain) so that searchers eye's will quickly point out a website that fits their search request.

What is an EMD?
An exact match domain is a URL that uses a keyword phrase as a complete URL. (example: lets say your keyword phrase is "best coffee shop in Charlotte NC" -- an EMD for this would be "www.bestcoffeeshopincharlottenc.com"

Why do EMD's not work as well anymore?
The head of the webspam for Google, Matt Cutts, made a new algorithm in the Google search system that will reduce the amount of low quality exact match domain in search queries. Exact match domains are exact keywords that perfectly match the search query. It took Google years to finally set up this algorithm to their system, and they guaranteed that no one can cheat their system!

Sidenote: It is very important to point out that SEO is a form of work done to manipulate the search results. It is best practice to not focus on cheating the system, but providing users with original and great content that will help your website visitors. This is the best SEO practice and has been since the beginning of the web.

EMD's (exact match domains) have been typically created to "trick" the search engine algorithms. Because of this, these EMD's have been typically viewed as low quality websites. This is the main reason for why an EMD may have ranked higher before recent Google updates, but now does not.

Website owners have claimed that there were some changes in their website traffic, which they solely attribute to the new algorithm set by Google. Most of them have concerns regarding their websites being considered as low quality websites due to the algorithm added to the system. Their websites might be among the millions of sites reduced by Google to enhance search results for important Google users.
Do not begin your online marketing strategy with an EMD website built for the search engines. Begin your online marketing strategy with a plan to provide searchers with great, specific and solution-orientated content that will help them. This is very key!

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