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Megan Prangley
by Megan Prangley
on April 12, 2017

A company culture or brand awareness video on your website is great, not only are internet users looking for this content, but you can say a lot more about your company in a short video than in a few lines of boring text. However, where’s the ROI with video content? How do you measure something as intangible as brand awareness? Are your company videos actually going to generate the qualified leads you desire?

These are all valid questions considering the price of a professional business video, and if you don’t see a return from your endeavors it can feel like you’re bleeding cash, but what if I told you there are easy way to generate qualified leads from a video? Keep reading for an overview of why video is a smart investment for all industries, even manufacturing, and techniques to track the leads generated from your video content. 

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Video Content Audit 

Before we start talking about the best methods and tools to track leads, it’s important to review the video content you already have. Categorize your business videos by lifecycle stage, that’s awareness, consideration, and decision. If you’re only releasing brand awareness or top of funnel content videos, then you shouldn't be surprised that people aren't converting into leads. It’s best practices to create video content for each stage of the buyer’s journey to funnel leads towards making a buying decision with you. Consider filming video intros for your eBooks, webinars, and other content offers that are gated. The landing pages that include a video are likely to perform better than pages without them. To be specific, landing pages that include video increase conversion rates by 80%.

Once you have content that spans across all the stages of the buyer’s journey make sure you’re doing more than letting it sit on your web pages to gather dust. Use your videos on social media to run campaigns that promote your content. People love to engage with video on social media, it’s true, did you know that 92% of mobile users share video content? Social promotion helps boost your video’s reach and improve traffic to your pages.

Gating Video Content 

The videos that post on social need to be short and sweet to attract people to watch them and follow through with the CTA at the end. Keep it limited to 3-5 reasons why your persona should download your offer and keep it to under a minute long. Try adding a CTA or form at the end of your optimized social video. That may seem short; maybe you’re anxious that your content can’t be whittled down that much. Subject matter that requires more than a minute of explanation can be adapted into longer videos, such as an educational webinar, and can be gated to generate qualified leads further.

Longer videos and webinars can be gated to grow your leads list. Start with the most interesting and engaging content and then use software such as Wistia that lets you place a landing page within the video. That way, when the user is a minute or so in and hooked they will feel even more compelled to will out the form to continue watching the video. Smart, right? Annotations on YouTube will also help funnel leads towards your CTAs and related content. Simply place text anywhere in your video prompting people to subscribe to your channel or add a link to a video that will propel them further along their buyer’s journey.

Tracking Video Leads 

Now that you’re familiar with some of the best practices to capture a lead’s information, don't neglect to track them in a customer relationship management software like the HubSpot CRM. Then you can continue to educate leads and eventually contact them when they are sales qualified. By following these tips and best practices, you will start to see leads pouring in from video marketing. The audience is already there after all, Youtube alone has over a billion users, that’s about ⅓ of all people on the internet (YouTube 2015)! Your target persona is watching video content online and by gating and distributing your content where your target personas spend the most time online you’re setting your business up for lead generation success and measurable ROI with video marketing.

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