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by Connie Bensen
on February 26, 2016
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Would you like to build brand awareness but think that you don’t have the big budget to accomplish it? You don’t need a brand team and the deep pockets required to hire an agency to craft an amazing brand campaign for your company. I am going to outline the steps to accomplish it in a very effective and affordable way!
 Let’s first spend a few minutes considering traditional brand building. At minimum it generally requires an agency that creates a multi-channel campaign. Larger companies have brand teams that support the effort externally and internally. We have all seen amazing brand campaigns that span tv, video and ripple out across social media channels. They succeed in imparting the message sometimes in the most eloquent ways.
As a small business owner you are thinking that you really should be building brand awareness but don’t have the budget to hire an agency. The answer is that the internet has greatly lowered the barriers and leveled the playing field amongst companies of all sizes. Search engines are also a big part of the answer. And we will talk about how that works and how you can reap the benefits.
First, let’s talk about what you want to achieve and then we’ll walk through the steps to achieve it. Building brand awareness online is easier than you may think! How often do you update your website? If you're like most companies, probably not very often. That's why a website isn't adequte for maximizing results, because the content is static. The search engines crawl it, but they prefer when new content is added frequently. A blog is the perfect accompaniment to your website because it allows you to easily add articles on a regular basis. And I would argue that it is a necessity today if you want to build brand recognition. Those companies that have big budgets for brand campaigns are also taking advantage of having a blog or online publishing capability. 
The reason that having a blog is critical is because it’s the quickest way for search engines to find your content, so visitors can become aware of your brand and visit your website if they so choose to. When content is posted regularly it builds a kind of ‘memory’ for the search engines. They are continually crawling and indexing sites. That index can be your best friend. If you create content around a topic then over time your pages will be ranked higher by the search engines. This means that people are searching for what they want and need and Google will put the content that it has ranked the highest on the first pages. The ultimate goal that you want to achieve with your blog is to show up on the first or second pages for search terms related to your blog topics.
I know that this sounds like a big project but it doesn’t need to be if you ease into it. Adding a blog can be broken down into a few steps:

     1. Choose a blogging platform

     2. Create blog posts

     3. Publish them!

That looks easy enough! You may want to find a technical person to set up your blog if you don’t have those skills. It is not an expensive venture. A couple of excellent suggestions to consider are Hubspot’s Blog App and WordPress. You can contact us and we would be happy to help you get started with the technical aspects
The next part is writing blog posts. You should post one to two times per week at a minimum. Who is going to write for your brand? Do you have someone on your marketing team that enjoys writing? Take a look around at your company. I recently was talking to our office admin and found out that he used to write articles for the local newspaper. I taught him the best practices and my new blogger loves gathering the stories and reporting on them for the blog. That enthusiasm is invaluable! 
There are many technical aspects around blogging. There is an art and science to it. But you can start out with simple posts. There are many blog posts on basic blogging that can provide you with the basics and inspire you to keep writing on a regular basis.
Are you ready to get started building your brand awareness? If you post to your blog on a consistent basis you should see progress in three months’ time. In six months you should have a solid online presence. The winners are your customers who are seeking what you offer. They will find information about your products, expertise and services. You don’t need buckets of money to build your brand online by blogging. 
So what are you waiting for? Get busy writing and make the search engines your best friend! Want even more advice, download our free eBook below and conquer all of the inbound blogging fundamentals.  
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