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by Beth Jackson
on July 31, 2014
Everywhere online, Inbound Marketing experts and Social Media managers are shouting that content is key, and blogging is beneficial. Yes, we have heard time and time again that "content is king", but what is blogging and how does a blog benefit a business? Is there a magical equation for a blog that will make one blog more successful than the next? How do you measure if your blog is "successful"? Today, we are going to review just some of these questions and give you more insight to the benefits of blogging for business.

An Endless Window of Opportunities

Blogging provides an endless window of opportunity for your business. When you write a blog and choose the blog's purpose, you can enlighten your readers to who you are, what your business is about and even talk about the services you provide. Think of your website as a cool breeze moving through the world -- every time you write a blog on your website, you are allowing a house or business to open a "window", allowing your information to be passed into their world around them. Your blog will allow you to reach your target audience, people who need your services or product and allow your world to reach theirs.

Search Engine Optimization Ready

Most blogs are SEO ready -- you can customize your title to be SEO friendly, you can even add in tags, keywords, meta descriptions and more. Writing a blog about your related services, products, the things you want users to know about the most, will help you optimize your website. Content is key to proper on page SEO and utilizing your blog will give you an easy way to not only educate your visitors, but also optimize.

Measuring Success

Measuring success on your blog can be determined from several different views. Does your blog have comments? If not, its okay! Many business blogs do not have comments, and you should not think of comments as the only key to define the success of the blog. Where does your blog rank? You need to measure how effective your blog is by its ranking online for your target keyword, the traffic that the blog brings in from organic sources, and how many users have converted from a visitor to a contact from reading or visiting your blog page. You can track all of this through the tools HubSpot provides -- don't have HubSpot? We can help. :) Other ways to track include tracking URLs from the featured call to action within the blog and reviewing visitor data to the blog page.
Here at ManoByte, we are continuously fine tuning the best practices for Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing. We can help your business succeed and grow online. Ready to get started? Contact us today. Have more tips about why blogging is beneficial to businesses? Leave us a comment below or tweet at us @ManoByte.


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