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by Beth Jackson
on December 4, 2014

In today's business world, you hear about blogging as one of the hottest and greatest marketing tools out there. Some promoters host seminars that are based solely around the concept that every business, no matter its size, can benefit from blogging. According to these seminars, blogging in the business world combines with SEO to become the ultimate marketing powerhouse. If you listened to everything that is said about blogging, you would think it was the answer to everything wrong in the world and that it had the power to make everything in your life better. The truth of the matter is that blogging with SEO articles is an effective tool, but it not right for everyone.


How to know if blogging with SEO is right for your business.

SEO is one of the top methods used in internet marketing, and most businesses have to have an online presence to survive in today's market. When it comes to using SEO blogging to draw traffic to your website, it can be more of a burden or entirely frivolous. For large companies, whose brand is already well established and who doesn't need to introduce themselves to new demographics, blogs are entirely useless for marketing. If your business is selling already well-branded products and you have good traffic already, blogging is not as likely to be as productive as other forms of marketing. Even if your site doesn't have good traffic, investing in PPC or ads, would be a better form of marketing. Another example of companies that don't need to use blogs are companies that have little relevance to blogging.


The idea of a blog is like chatting on a forum, for businesses, blogging should relate to your business and the niche it fits into. If you offer something that is specific to a single region, it can be hard to find relevant topics to work into SEO posts without sounding redundant and unappealing. The material may seem abundant at first, but then after a few months you could find yourself scratching your head for ideas and grasping at straws to fill it out. Now, in that instance a side blog is fine, but a targeted SEO blog would be a bit of a flop and the time and funds put into could be better spent elsewhere.


Which businesses benefit the most from SEO blog marketing.

Small businesses who have versatile products and services that are building their brand benefit the most from SEO blogging. Used in combination with other marketing tools, an engaging, informative and well-written SEO blog can be a great boon to building traffic and creating your brand. Blogs are also great fro companies that want to connect with their customers and invite the interaction that can even further the benefits from the marketing by adding a word of mouth potential and loyalty. When done well, an SEO blog can not only increase traffic for your target demographic, it can also improve the relations you have with your new and existing customers.


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