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by Gillian
on February 11, 2014

Whether you are brand new to digital, or you're just trying to find a way to get more juice out of your current campaigns, you're probably thinking about digital marketing measurement. At the beginning of marketing's lifespan, the measurement was mostly a pipe dream. There was a lot of throwing of the proverbial spaghetti at the proverbial wall and see what proverbially stuck. Not sure I'm using that word correctly, but I'm going with it.

Things are much different today. There are a million and one ways to measure the impact of your digital marketing campaigns. And even though it might seem overwhelming to set up or to interpret, the fact is that you must measure your marketing. You must. Here's why.


  1. Get a Goal
    It's okay if you dipped your toe into the digital pool without a structured plan and a bunch of goals. But it's time to change that. When you set up a digital measurement process, you will be forced to confront your business goals or lack because of that. If you know why you're engaging in marketing, you can make a lot better choices about how you're doing it.
  2. Make Real-Time Improvements
    If you were using direct mail marketing, you would have to create an ad, find a printer, create a mailing list, ship the mailings out and wait and wait and wait to see if your campaign actually had any impact. With digital, you don't have to do all that waiting. With the right measurement system in place, you can see real-time results and make tweaks improve your results instantly. If you are trying only to measure after the fact, you're missing out.
  3. Justify Your Budget
    Someone wise (probably Beyonce) once said that anything worth doing is worth measuring. Believe it or not, there are still companies and executives who aren't so sure about investing in digital marketing. Measurement gives you a qualitative, well, the measure of your impact on the business. Positive measurements justify your budget, and if you're the marketing team, your existence.


If we've convinced you that you must be measuring your marketing efforts, be sure to stay tuned to the ManoByte blog. We're just putting the finishing touched on our Digital Marketing Measurement eBook. It has tons of great tips so you can make sure you're getting the most out of all your digital marketing efforts.