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HUG Happy Hour: The New Wave of SEO

SEO is changing, are you ready for it? If you think you have your keyword strategy figured out (or even if you don't) it's time to rethink your methods. Search is changing, and HubSpot created a new way to think about how you go after search terms more aggressively and strategically. Join us at this HUG event to learn how you can adapt your strategies to keep your ranking high on those important search terms. Here are the details:

  • Date: Tuesday, April 24th, from 3-5PM 
  • Topic: "The New Wave of SEO" Presented by HubSpot's Principal Marketing Product Manager, Jeffrey Vocell. 
  • Where: The ManoByte Shark Tank,  4635 44th St SE, Suite C150, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49512
  • Details: This is a HUG Happy Hour! Appetizers and drinks will be provided.