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Simplify your process & achieve full pipeline visibility

Deal & Lead Registration

Deal Lead Registration
How do I keep all my partners’

leads and deals organized?

As the vendor, it’s important you know who your partners are working with and what they’ve got in their pipeline—because it’s part of your pipeline, too. Make the registration process easy within your partner portal so all their registered leads go to one place where you can see and sort them.

8 Custom HubSpot CRM integration support
One Place for

Complete Pipeline Visibility

While it’s important to track each partner individually, a full view of everything in your pipeline is essential, too. When partners register their leads and deals in through a dedicated partner portal, all that information is in one place to monitor the complete health of your pipeline.

1 Marketing strategy development
Channel Development Strategy

with Manobyte

At ManoByte, we help you develop a channel strategy that’s unique to the challenges you and your partners face. Our team of expert strategists will sit down with you and make sure we understand exactly what you’re facing, and we’ll develop a solution for your business to succeed in the indirect sales world.