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Take time & guesswork out of quoting

CPQ Engine

CPQ Engine
Quoting is a complex and time consuming process for our products—

what can I do to help my partners calculate the right price every time?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) applications are price calculators for products with multiple configurations, different packages, add-ons, and discounts. CPQ engines allow the sales rep to input everything the customer is looking for and produce an accurate quote in less time with less risk for human calculating errors.

2 Sales process management
Quote Faster

With Fewer Errors

Would you shop at a grocery store where all your cashier has to ring up your order is a calculator? Then why would you leave your sales reps with a pricing guide and a spreadsheet? Calculating is for computers. Leave the selling to your human partners and sales reps, and let a CPQ engine build accurate quotes behind the scenes quickly and without worry of errors.

1 Marketing strategy development
Enablement Strategy Development

with Manobyte

Enablement is giving your partners the power to do more, and ManoByte can help you develop a strategy to target the aspects of business were your partners are struggling the most. We’ll work with you to develop the content, strategy, or platform that’ll empower your partners to succeed, bringing in more revenue for you and them.