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Empower partners with your content

Content Syndication

Content Syndication
How can I utilize content performing well on our website

to direct more traffic to my partners?

When you have a great piece of content, you can recycle it in your favor. Utilize content syndication to build backlinks to your website (great for your SEO) and give partners more lead generation opportunities with a piece you know they’ll see results with.

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Why Content Syndication


When a piece of content on your website, like a video, whitepaper, blog post, or podcast, is performing well, sharing that wealth with your partners can come in more forms than lead distribution. Share that asset with partners to put on their website so they can generate leads on their own. Linking the content back to your site also builds domain authority and boosts your site’s ability to rank well on search engines.

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Content Strategy

with Manobyte

ManoByte understands content instead just about pushing out blog posts. Digital content spans written, downloadable, social media, video, visual, and audio channels. Our team of content creators has the creative skills, the strategy knowledge, and the tools to develop engaging content for your partners, leads, and customers that’ll drive results.