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Reach local markets without exhausting resources using

Cobranded Assets

Cobranded Assets
My partners have trust in their local markets.

How can I utilize their customers’ loyalty to sell our product?

If you’re just getting started with indirect selling or you’re branching into a new market, leveraging the customer loyalty of your partners’ can drive new sales. Offer opportunities to cobrand marketing or sales assets with your partners to build trust in your brand with their customers and recognize partners for their work.

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Control Brand


Cobranded assets allow you to control your brand consistency while still giving partners opportunities to be recognized. Developing cobranded assets leaves places for partners to put their information and logo alongside yours to promote your partnership without worry your brand is misrepresented.

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ManoByte understands content instead just about pushing out blog posts. Digital content spans written, downloadable, social media, video, visual, and audio channels. Our team of content creators has the creative skills, the strategy knowledge, and the tools to develop engaging content for your partners, leads, and customers that’ll drive results.