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Finally, an app to make your Amazon Connect integration with Service Hub possible.

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Inbound Calling meets the power of HubSpot’s Service Hub

Delivering efficient and reliable service that customers expect is tough. Not having the proper integrated tech stack makes meeting customer expectations even tougher. 

Do away with agents grasping at straws and creating elongated, disjointed, and frustrating experiences for your customers. Empower your team to cultivate customer loyalty with efficient and effective service in every interaction.

CX Connect from ManoByte enables service reps to facilitate consistent, focused, and meaningful customer service interactions by seamlessly integrating your AWS contact center with HubSpot’s Service Hub and CRM. (Yes, it’s finally possible).


With CX Connect, you can:

Place, accept, and manage AWS calls and chats right in Service Hub 💻

Log and record calls or chats within your CRM for detailed insight and simplified data tracking 📊

Access a caller’s comprehensive contact record, as well as their purchase, service and other customer lifetime history while the call or chat is active 📇

Manage chats in HubSpot from AWS 💬

Communication hangups are eliminated 🙅‍♀️

Data silos become a thing of the past ✌️

A shared single source of truth to track customer status and issues ⚓️

Comprehensive contact records enable informed and helpful human interactions 🔆

No more guessing about where service gaps are coming from 💡

Unlock efficiencies and shared intelligence among teams 🔓

What this means for service teams:

With Service Hub and your contact center in perfect alignment, reps can make informed decisions to quickly solve customer issues without the need for back-and-forth with other agents. With direct access to the customer’s contact record and full history, agents can minimize unnecessary delays and transfers while decreasing customer churn.

CX Connect also enables advanced call reporting and data collection right inside HubSpot so you can: 

Use call or chat data to trigger automation and workflows 🪄

Attain high-level insight into service performance metrics 📈

Identify top performing agents 🏆

Pinpoint any potential gaps or opportunities to improve performance 🎯

Identify trends and optimize your contact center experience 🔍

Achieve customer delight 🤸‍♀️

Using ManoByte’s CX Connect is as simple as 1, 2, 3

When a service agent places or receives a call or chat message.

step # 1

Step # 1

CX Connect identifies the customer and opens their contact record inside Service Hub 🖥

step # 2

Step # 2

The agent can take notes directly in the contact record in front of them ⌨️

step # 3

Step # 3

The call recording or chat conversation will be automatically logged inside HubSpot and Amazon Connect 🗃
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CX Connect Resources

Download our CX Connect resources for step-by-step instructions

User Guide

How to Use CX Connect in HubSpot

Setup Guide

How to Setup CX Connect in Amazon Connect


Reach out to the ManoByte team if you have any questions about CX Connect. 

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It’s time to set your team up for success and create delightful service interactions.

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