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Combat channel conflict & increase productivity

Advanced Lead Distribution

Lead Routing
With multiple different partners, how can I

distribute leads and minimize conflict?

Distributing the leads you generate as the vendor is an important aspect of helping partners make sales and build relationships—but it’s easy to create channel conflict when assigning them. Developing a set of parameters to follow based on how partners perform with different types of leads can help you hand off leads to the partners most likely to close the deal.

8 Align your sales & Marketing team
Use Partner Performance Data to

Simplify Lead Distribution

Performance data from your partner portal can help inform your lead distribution strategy. Sort partners by geographic location, but also include information like partner size, the amount of deals they currently have in their pipeline, and past close/win metrics to define a system for distributing leads to achieve higher sales overall.

1 Marketing strategy development
Channel Strategy Development

with Manobyte

At ManoByte, we help you develop a channel strategy that’s unique to the challenges you and your partners face. Our team of expert strategists will sit down with you and make sure we understand exactly what you’re facing, and we’ll develop a solution for your business to succeed in the indirect sales world.