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Kevin Dean

Speaker Bureau

Linking Digital Marketing Goals

to Business Objectives

There are 4 key elements to developing inbound and social marketing strategies. In this SoundByte, Kevin Dean highlights the features of each of these elements as well as why each element is an important part of a holistic inbound marketing strategy.

Social Media


Social media is an important element of any inbound marketing strategy. From content creation to advertising and software costs, there are a number of social elements you will need to factor into your inbound marketing budget. In this SoundByte, Kevin Dean highlights those primary social items and why they are important.

The Fundamentals of

Influencer Engagement

In this SoundByte, you will receive a basic overview of the process of influencer engagement within an inbound marketing strategy. From what influencer engagement is to how you can utilize it for your business, Kevin Dean of ManoByte provides the resources you will need to get started.

How to Create an

Inbound Marketing Strategy

In this Inbound Marketing SoundByte, Kevin Dean from ManoByte discusses how you can utilize all the elements of marketing to create a holistic inbound marketing strategy for your business.